About Us

Why we exist: There is a large group of women 55+, hundreds of millions that feel unrepresented today.

This misrepresentation is due to ageism which is an unfortunate mindset that is stuck in people’s minds. The consequence of that is a misguided story that is told about getting old, where people, in general, think life is over for those who get to a “certain age.”

Our Belief: Bucket55 believes that a new story about getting old has to be written. That story should be about well-being and enjoying life to the fullest as we get older.

Our Vision & Mission: We want to be the #1 community-driven company where women 55+ feel represented and inspired to live their best lives. And our mission strives to create products and services that truly meet the needs of the women 55+, making them feel good, look good, have fun and be happy.

Our Solution: In order to achieve Bucket55’s mission, our first product was chosen for its ability to entertain, inform, and inspire women 55+. Our free “Live Ageless” weekly email newsletter. With so many newsletters out there that represent millennials, in example, theskimm and morningbrew, it’s time for one that represents women 55+. And even better, a newsletter that represents a better longevity.